E3 2008

As usual I am always looking forward to the new stuff for Microsoft Xbox 360.  Currently, this is my top console in this generation of video gaming hardware. It appears that a few hot titles are approaching the horizon for this machine.
– Fallout 3: This game is definitely one I will be checking out through Gamefly.  The concept is sweet, and it looks like Bethesda has done a good job with this one.

– Resident Evil 5: Wow! I think I will definitely try this one out. Co-op looks great for this game.

– Fable 2: Looks like a cool game. I played Fable 1 very briefly.  I don’t think I will be playing this one much either though.  I’m sure I would be a fan if I invested, but I don’t think this one is worth the time for me at this point.

– Gear of War 2: Oh yeah! You know this is going to be a great game! This one is a purchase.  The engine looks amazing and the graphics have been enhanced majorly from the prequel. Riding a Brumack…dizamn!! I’ll be at Gamestop November 7th for sure.
On to the digital Media. I will probably rarely use this form of entertainment from my Xbox. Until they let you purchase a movie that can be downloaded anytime and forever yours or they let you replay movies you rent then this will not be how I acquire digital media.   The concept is awesome, but the DRM is not quite there yet for me to start investing lots of money into a digital library.  What if I want to take a movie I just bought and play it at a friend’s house?  What if I want to take the media I downloaded from my Xbox 360 and put it on my PSP? Although, this capability may never be possible it would be heavenly.

So, we now know for sure that Microsoft will be going the Nintendo Mii road and introducing Xbox Live members to Avatars.  This does seem like true bite from Nintendo’s platform, but then again “Avatars” have been around for a long time.  I think it’s not a bad idea, but will not make any difference on my current opinion of the system. Before, I was not hating Microsoft for not having a Mii-like system.  I was hating on Sony for not having achievements or in-game XMB, but do not criticize them for not having avatars.  Defintely, an overrated additon to the Xbox 360 platform.


Another big additon/change for the Xbox 360 will be the look and feel of the dashboard. Wow! Why the hell does Microsoft think this needs to be changed? I have not read any complaints concerning their current design.  Why does Bill and the boys think this is a good idea?  Well, it’s obviously not in our hands, but I hope they don’t destroy the feel of this machine.  I don’t want a Vista clone on my 360.  Where is clan support?  Where is the ability to customize blades individually?  Why all this useless junk?

Xbox 360 is still my platform of choice, but most of the stuff I loved about the system was in place before E3. There were some great game announcements, but the firmware updates did not excite me much at all.  I wish the Xbox continued success, but Microsoft please bring updates more pertinent to the hardcore gamer.

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