Node: Up and Running

Node: Up and Running by Tom Hughes-Croucher and Mike Wilson

For two decades web developers have used JavaScript(JS) to shape the web.  Most of this took place on the client’s machine using the browser to manipulate web pages.  Today, there are ways to use JavaScript on the server which has opened up new doors for web development.  Using JS on the server allows the browser and the server to communicate in new ways.  Node.js is leading the pack for these server-side JS frameworks.  I am not really a server guru or back-end developer, but that’s just it. Node.js  makes some of that work a little more accessible. I followed Valhalla’s Youtube Video to incorporate multi-player into my ImpactJS demo. I chose to begin my Node.js education with O’reilly’s Node: Up and Running.  Check the review on Amazon.


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