Across the Sea

Last month my parents were able to go on this cruise as shown in the image.  It’s amazing that my mother was actually able to talk my dad in to going at this age and his condition. He finally gave in and decided this was his last time to get away like this.

After flying 14 hours they landed in Livorno, Italy taking a train ride to Pisa. Rome ( more pics )where they were met by our cousin  Madi, and her sons.  The first meal they had just had to be sphaghetti which I heard was really good.   The next major stop was Barcelona. After leaving Spain they traveled to Casablanca in Northwest Africa and then back to Cadiz, Spain. After a short trip in Cadiz they moved on to Lisbon, Spain. Once Spain had been trampled upon they were off to Le Havre, France.

I have not heard much more about the trip yet, but will edit this post when I do.  I just wanted to say they inspire me to keep working and striving for more.  You know the American Dream for middle class Americans is still possible when you can take a trip like this.

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