Halo 3 Rendered Films

Since the days of Halo 1 I have always wanted to put together a Halo montage of some of my best or just funny moments in Halo together for online viewing. The procedure would have taken me hours to set up my xbox video to run through my computer and record the video.  Then I would have to edit the video and all the other headaches with video.  Well, it may not take hours, but was not worth the trouble as most of my friends could care less about my Halo exploits.

Not one of Bungie’s listed items for taking over the world, but Bungie now gives Bungie Pro subscribers the ability to render their game films online!  I gave the system a try the other night and am very pleased with how fast and easy it now is to post video from my recent Halo games.  I did have to sign up for a yearly Bungie Pro account which costs about $10 and also bought 50 more minutes of rendering time for $5 since they start you off with a puny 5 minutes.  I understand that this procedure takes a lot of processing power and was not an easy feat for developers to handle, but I am hoping the price for minutes drops as time goes by. They also give you the choice of rendering in High Definition (HD) or Standard Definition (SD) with the latter costing much less in render time.

Now, if I want to append and edit clips together I still need premiere or some other video editing software. Hoping that Bungie adds online editing features to the mix one day!

So check out my first rendered videos and be prepared for more! You can also check more of my videos out on my YouTube channel: Planet Auz.

Laser Action on Last Resort

– HD
This was just a short clip of some laser fun in Halo. Nothing special, but just demonstrating the rendered video.

Sniper and Shotty Spree on High Ground 1

– HD

Sniper and Shotty Spree on High Ground 2

– SD

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