Oregon (Where I am going – Part II)

Well, the decision has been made and I am beginning to feel the weight of friends and family wondering if I have gone insane! lol! If you

don’t know I will be moving to Bend, Oregon at the end of March. At this point I am not sure how long I will be there, but I do know that it is something I have to give a try.

I will be keeping my job and my house which is more than enough reason for me to ride out. Being able to work from home is a blessing I can’t ignore and I already have a friend renting out my house in my absence.

Why am I going? New opportunities, new experiences, new people, and the beautiful Oregon country. It really is like God’s country out there. The mountains are like gateways to heaven and the powder stays fresh! Look see I am already talking like Seth up in this shit. Ha Ha!

So I’m off to new horizons and new adventures. I plan on working even harder out there though so it definitely will not be a vacation. I really just need a breath of fresh air and it looks like this might be as fresh as it gets.

As long as there’s – drugs to be sold I ain’t waiting for the system to plug up these holes, I ain’t slipping through the cracks, So I’m at Portland, Oregon tryin to slip you these raps, The first black in the suburbs, You’d think I had extasy, percocet, and plus syrup, The way the cops converged, they fucked up my swerve, The first young buck that I served, I thought back to the block, I never seen a cop when I was out there, They never came out there, And out there, I was slinging crack to live, I’m only slinging raps to your kids, I’m only trying to show you how black niggas live, But you don’t want your little ones acting like this, Lil Amy told Becky, Becky told Jenny And now they all know the skinny, Lil Joey got his do-rag on, Driving down the street blasting Tupac’s song (Thug Life baby!), But Billy like Snoop, got his blue rag on Now before you know it, you back in Nam, Now the police, got me in the middle of the street, Trying to beat me blue, black and orange, I’m like hold up, who you smacking on? I’m only trying to eat what you snacking on

Ya’ll don’t like that do ya? F%CKED up the hood nigga right back to ya!

– Jay-Z

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