Dogs/Children Are Expensive

So after noticing blood in jada’s urine the past couple of days I took her to the vet.  I have never been to this clinic, but since they are literally right across the street from my work it’s pretty obvious why I switched.  The doc said the same thing the last vet said concerning Jada’s frequent urinary track infections so we are back to square one.  They sent off some urine for a culture and did a few x-rays to the sum of $350.  We also found a small amount of arthritis in Jada’s back when looking at the x-rays.

I truly love my dog… the last year we have spent over $9000 on her medical bills or from things she has destroyed.  Sometimes I really don’t know what the limit is. I mean when do you just put a dog down bc they are killing your pockets?  All I can say is that I… no SHE is lucky I don’t have any kids.  Figure that one out…

My mom emailed me this video about Negro spirituals.  I thought is was pretty interesting so take a peek:

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