Marvel vs Capcom 2 XBL

This is one of the reasons I love my Xbox live (XBL) account!  XBL has just released Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it is a perfect conversion of the Dreamcast/Arcade game.  The character line up is deep with 56 battle ready super heroes.  The action is intense, and with XBL support the competition online is fierce! Since it has been built with the same code used for the Street Fighter RMX playing online is quick and for the most part flawless.  It’s one of those games you just sit back and watch other play and still have a great time.  My one and only gripe is that they did not redraw the characters in high definition.  There are options to smooth the character sprites, but could have been much better if done like the Street Fighter 2 RMX.  If Capcom and Marvel could ever update that portion and allow for add-on characters this game would last years and years as a favorite.  Mugen makes for a great alternative, but doesn’t have the online qualities of XBL.  If you love fighters this is great one to get!

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