T-Mobile Plan Change Bug

So for the past few days I have been trying to change my mobile phone plan on T-Mobile’s website.  And each time I try to change from 1000 minutes to 600 which is $10 less I am greeted with an error on the next screen which does not allow me to ever change the plan.

The bug crashes Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and IE. hmmmmmm……

Online Education: YouTube

Recently, I have been asked several questions that were easily answered by pointing them to a YouTube URL.  Don’t forget that YouTube has tons of community added content making it a great place to learn. If you don’t find what you are looking for on the initial search try looking at the related videos  in the right sidebar.

I personally learn better visually so watching “How-To’s” online is what’s good!

Marvel vs Capcom 2 XBL

This is one of the reasons I love my Xbox live (XBL) account!  XBL has just released Marvel vs Capcom 2 and it is a perfect conversion of the Dreamcast/Arcade game.  The character line up is deep with 56 battle ready super heroes.  The action is intense, and with XBL support the competition online is fierce! Since it has been built with the same code used for the Street Fighter RMX playing online is quick and for the most part flawless.  It’s one of those games you just sit back and watch other play and still have a great time.  My one and only gripe is that they did not redraw the characters in high definition.  There are options to smooth the character sprites, but could have been much better if done like the Street Fighter 2 RMX.  If Capcom and Marvel could ever update that portion and allow for add-on characters this game would last years and years as a favorite.  Mugen makes for a great alternative, but doesn’t have the online qualities of XBL.  If you love fighters this is great one to get!

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From One Developer to Another

Every once in a while as a web developer I run into the chance to help another developer with a project, product, script, etc.  A few years back I bought a flash file that displayed images in a slide show.  I did not want to spend hours writing the script myself so I found one that suited my needs and purchased it.  After downloading the script I found that it could be improved.  Instead of breaking the developers back for the fixes I submitted the changes I made to his script directly to him.  Truly, it only took me minutes to edit the script, but for the developer it saved him time.  this developer probably could have solved the issue also, but sometimes it is nice to just give back.

With a lot of software becoming open source software improvements are increasing at a much faster pace.  I love the idea of helping the community and hope other developers will take the time every once in a while to help other developers.  You might even get a cool shout out like I did!



Movies to Games

Ever since video games began game programmers, directors,  and publishers have saught to translate movies into games and games into movies.  This would seem like the a perfect marriage between the media, but as history unfolded most movie to game translations and vice-versa were horrible!   Jim Sterling over at Destructoid has done a pretty good job of summing up why movie-games fail so much so I won’t rehash his work here: Why Do Video Game Movies Fail So Much?

My most recent experience with this media is the newly released Ghostbusters: The Video Game.  This adaptation is known as the official Ghostbusters 3 as we will more than likely never see a movie of this title.  Aykroyd and Ramis wrote the script for this installation and each of the actors who portrayed the Ghostbusters in the films, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson, provided their voices and likenesses to the characters.  When I found out the game was written by the original writers and that all the stars would be back I knew this would be a special game translation.  Not many movies-to-games get this special treatment, and not many have a budget to back them up.

When I popped the disc in and started my Xbox 360 up the familiar Ghostbuster’s theme song came on and the game already had a feel that it was not going to be a movie-to-game flop.  I was defnitely not afraid of no ghosts!

The game is set during Thanksgiving of 1991 almost 2 years after Ghostbuster’s 2. You begin the story as a new recruit that his hoping stay on the team.  During your orientation a large scale PKE shockwave travels through the city and frees Slimer.  Remember Slimer? Once freed, the chubby green ghost heads back to Sedgewick Hotel where he was first caught in the original Ghostbusters. This begins a small journey through memorey lane where after capturing Slimer again you end up fighting the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! All this in the first hour of the game and I was hooked!

I finished a level of the game every other day on and off for the last few weeks ( a level takes about an hour).  After about 8-10 hours of game play I finished the game last weekend.  Usually, I never finish a game this quick, but the acting/voiceovers and graphics were so good it really kept me wanting to see what happened next.  This is definitely one of the best movie-to-game translations I have ever played if not THE best!  The only failure of this game is that there is no multi-player during the campaign mode. I understand the need for this as all the other characters are key to the movi-like feel of the game, but 4 player multi through the campaign would have been epic.  Hey, I’m not complaing, htough. I wish more developers would put out movie based games like this.

I highly recommend this game to gamers and fans of the movie series.  You will not be disappointed when Stay-Puft is looking down at you like you’re a camper with graham crackers and Hersheys in your hands!

August 2008 Video Game Rotation

This month I have been playing a lot of Soul Calibur which dropped on July 29th.  This iteration is the best so far.  I am loving the character creation mode.  Going online is never boring as players around the world have all customized characters making it so you never play against the same foe twice.  Of course, there is a set amount of weapon styles, but at least they look very different.  This game is definitely one of my favorite fighters of all time.  I really love the street fighter series, but I respect Soul Calibur more for it’s deep combo system and overall control.  I will be playing this one for a while.

madden-nfl-09-20080428005732655_640w.jpgAlso, this month Madden 09 came out.  It looks like this is finally the year to purchase Madden so if you have been waiting… wait no more.  All the modes you have grown to love are back in the game and the graphics have been revamped somewhat from last year’s release.  I don’t do football to much, but one of my best friend’s down in Florida feels better when he can actually beat me in a video game so why not.  I will not be letting him get easy victories though.  If you need a brush up on your Madden skills check out this link:Madden @ Gamespot.

092507_1206_Halo3Launch1.jpgWell, you know I’m still getting my Halo in here and there.  I will always love this shooter no matter what the critics say.  Usually it’s the ones that suck at this game whom give it shit.  Trust me, Halo has tons of strategy involved.  The really good players all know this or else everyone would be good.  I wish they would have made armor downloadable content though.  As long as they keep dropping new maps expect this one to me in my rotation every month.

braid_title.jpgSome games that I will be checking out on Live this month are Braid, and Bionic Commando.  I have already played the demo for Braid and can say this is a very innovative game.  I will more than likely end up purchasing it by next week.

geometry-wars-screenie1.jpgIf you have never played Geometry Wars do yourself a favor and grab this title off of Live.  It is highly addictive so watch out.  It is also not recommended for those prone to seizures due to bright lights and lots of movement on screen.  This game is definitely worth the bucks.
That’s all for now holla later!

Boo the Economy!

Does life ever ease up and give you a break?  Do the hours we spend slaving away at the American Dream ever pay off?  With the way the economy is shifting things are not looking good for the land of the free.  Personally, I have never really been effected by the plagues of the economy until now.  As people try not to spend as much due to raised prices on gas and food it is causing hurt for the companies they used to support.

Even the internet development industry seems to be taking a hit or at least here in Bend it is.  Granted, our shop is not a for those looking to start a super cheap site, but anybody serious about getting into the web game should be looking to spend at least $5000 to get started with an online business.  Sure, anyone can hire their nephew or friend to design a site and throw some HTML on the net.  This start-up way of getting online can often work for a little while, but most of these sites end up coming to us eventually in hopes of scaling their project into what it should have been in the first place.

Ok…basically I just wanted to rant about the economy and how it’s hurting my video game budget for a minute.  You all know the deal and if you are one of my peoples from back home you are probably feeling it more than I am.  All I’m saying is stop putting up these cheap ass template websites! Hit us up and get that good good! 🙂