More Cats, Camping, Collision Detection, and 2.5D w/ ImpactJS

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Well, I am still at a questionable position in developing a 2.5D game with ImpactJS.  The system is pretty rigged and I am still running into bugs with collisions and gravity.  Also, the backgrounds are way too large at this point.  I may just use this as a side project and begin focusing more on just a 2D side scroller.  In any event I have learned a lot about ImpactJS, and am impressed with the engine’s abilities.  I plan to continue developing with it and feel that Dominic will continue to improve the scripts.

Sprite Work

The past week I spent a lot of time manipulating ripped sprites from Scott Pilgrim.  Again, these tests are just for demo purposes.  The game’s sprites and backgrounds were all created by Bryan Lee O’Malley and Paul Robertson.  I was able to get more of the first level entities in and it feels more 2.5D-ish now that you can walk behind all of the level’s entities.

Collision Detection

Two weeks ago I started playing around with dynamically creating the player’s boundaries and the collision map.  Here is an example of how you can load in a level’s attributes:


As you can see, it is also possible to load in the camera’s position as well.  I’m using a camera that works similar to Shaun Inman’s , and uses the code described HERE.  This works reasonably well and you can have multiple boundaries for an area that are dependent on the player’s Y position.  The last value, slope, allows you to create a gradual sloping boundary to the next point/area.  One bug that I am trying to squash is the transition between each area.  Usually, the player continues to press right or left to navigate.  For some reason the game’s continuous update cycle known as the game loop, is not detecting the player’s position and keeping them inbounds if the left or right button is continuously being held down when transitioning between areas.  I think it something that can be overcome, though.

I was also able to add animations when the player and the enemy receive damage.  Ramona’s is just her crouch sprite so it looks a little ridiculous, but conveys the feeling until we get our real sprites in. It took me forever to get the player’s “received damage” sprite to continue animating.  I eventually made sure no other animations were being loaded for at least a second after the collision.

Closing Up…

Well, I am actually not going to post the new version this time, as a friend let me know that he was having trouble loading the scripts last time.  I know it is taxing the client with the huge sprites, and possibly some broken code.  I am going to work on some

things a little more before posting again.  Hopefully, next week…

So, it’s actually starting to look like a real game, rather than a moving heap of crap.  I may end up throwing away most of this when working on the real game, but I have taken away many lessons.

In other news, I had a great weekend with my family over in Corvallis, OR.  We celebrated my brother-in-law’s recent graduation and ate some amazing BBQ. Of course, we drank more than a few Oregon beers and ended the night by the campfire.  On the way home we obtained a brand new kitten that is now cat number two on our Rescued Kitty Team sponsored by Kids, Clutter, and Chaos.  We also stopped by Odell Lake to drop off a birthday gift for my nephew, and thank him for rescuing our new family member.  Now, I am all ready to go for the week ahead.

Peace and love until next time!



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